Incurable means that a disease or illness is so severe that it is impossible to cure or recover from it. Some diseases are incurable, and there is no cure for them.

  • He has an incurable illness, and there is no cure for it.

  • The disease is incurable, and the patient will die soon.

Definition of incurable


a person whose disease is incurable


unalterable in disposition or habits


incapable of being cured

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Example Sentences for incurable

  • 1

    Many diseases are incurable and fatal without the proper treatment.

  • 2

    She became ill with an incurable disease at the age of ten.

  • 3

    Covetousness constitutes a disease that is incurable.

  • 4

    The disease is treatable, but considered Incurable.

  • 5

    Palliation of incurable illness doesn't count.

  • 6

    Complete remission is the best possible outcome for incurable diseases.

  • 7

    The marriage was ending when his wife died of an incurable illness in 1989.

  • 8

    The doctors said it was incurable.

  • 9

    An incurable plague is sweeping the country.

  • 10

    If the laytime is exceeded, demurrage is incurred.