Inconsequential is a word often used to describe something that is not important. Sometimes people use the word to describe something that is not very good, or that is not worth the time that you are spending on it.

  • The movie was completely inconsequential.

  • The article was completely inconsequential.

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Example Sentences for inconsequential

  • 1

    The awards seem inconsequential and unimportant.

  • 2

    The defeat was inconsequential.

  • 3

    In the larger scheme, it's inconsequential.

  • 4

    Pakistan is inconsequential to the equation.

  • 5

    The publishing costs are inconsequential.

  • 6

    The rating is inconsequential to this film.

  • 7

    In addition, the motion is largely inconsequential.

  • 8

    The date of introduction is inconsequential to the definition.

  • 9

    All of this material is a tedious recitation of the inconsequential.

  • 10

    Any mention of extortion is lurid and inconsequential.