Incinerated means completely destroyed by fire. When something is incinerated, it's gone forever.

  • The building was incinerated by the fire.

  • The book was incinerated by the fire.

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Example Sentences for incinerated

  • 1

    Christine orders Rhoda to burn the shoes in the incinerator.

  • 2

    Another health risk is the incinerator that burns across the landfill.

  • 3

    It will incinerate the world.

  • 4

    The hospital will incinerate the remains.

  • 5

    The mummy was removed and incinerated.

  • 6

    It would be incinerated within the country.

  • 7

    He then dropped the files into the incinerator.

  • 8

    The incinerator is owned and operated by Sita.

  • 9

    I will completely incinerate the deepest cellar.

  • 10

    The flames of my rage will incinerate you