Incarcerating means to put someone in prison. When the government incarcerates criminals, they are usually locked up in a jail or prison.

  • The government is incarcerating a lot of criminals, which is why the prisons are full.

  • The government is going to incarcerate all of the rebels, even if it means war.

Definition of incarcerating


To lock away; to imprison, especially for breaking the law.


To confine; to shut up or enclose; to hem in.

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Example Sentences for incarcerating

  • 1

    He was incarcerated in the notorious prisons of Insein and Myingyan.

  • 2

    Overcrowded jails ran by private corporations that lobby congress to get the jails built and lobby judges to incarcerate more people.

  • 3

    He was incarcerated at the time.

  • 4

    We can incarcerate them for life.

  • 5

    Can Oregon afford to incarcerate more offenders

  • 6

    It costs taxpayers to incarcerate those unable to pay the fines.

  • 7

    He began and supported ministries for the homeless, incarcerated, and the poor.

  • 8

    The suit claims those entities routinely arrest and incarcerate children without procedural safeguards.

  • 9

    We incarcerate more African American men today than were slaves in 1850.

  • 10

    We incarcerate more people per capita than any other country in the world.