Inadvisable is an adjective that means that something is not a good idea or that it is not going to work out.

  • It was an inadvisable decision to go on a date with him.

  • It was an inadvisable decision to buy that new car.

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Example Sentences for inadvisable

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    That was inadvisable to say the least.

  • 2

    It is inadvisable to pave over the joint.

  • 3

    Removal of such a documented relevant point is inadvisable.

  • 4

    The material is still very much inadvisable.

  • 5

    It is inadvisable to overload the same term with multiple definitions.

  • 6

    As an involved party, editing the article yourself would be inadvisable.

  • 7

    Many in the transsexual community regard voice surgery as inadvisable.

  • 8

    I think that it is inadvisable to delete them in a wholesale manner.

  • 9

    It is also inadvisable to reveal such personal information as you did.

  • 10

    Do not let the trolls provoke you into inadvisable excess.