To inactivate something is to turn it off or to stop it from working. When you inactivate the alarm on your watch, you stop it from ringing.

  • The alarm was inactivated when the watch was turned off.

  • The virus was inactivated when the vaccine was administered.

Definition of inactivate


release from military service or remove from the active list of military service


demobilise, demobilize


make inactive



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Example Sentences for inactivate

  • 1

    The venom reduces the rate and amount of sodium inactivation.

  • 2

    A fraction of the genes along the X chromosome escape inactivation on the Xi.

  • 3

    After the digestion the samples were boiled for 10 min to inactivate the enzyme.

  • 4

    Reorganization and inactivation.

  • 5

    The inactivation is irreversible.

  • 6

    Reactivation and final inactivation.

  • 7

    On the inactivation of adrenaline in vitro.

  • 8

    Training and first inactivation.

  • 9

    Inactivated channels are closed channels.

  • 10

    Inactivation and use as a training ship.