Improbably means that something is unlikely to happen. When you say that something is improbably funny, you mean that it's not supposed to be funny, but it is.

  • The story is improbably funny, even though it's true.

  • The team's improbably high score was the result of a lucky bounce.

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Example Sentences for improbably

  • 1

    That's statistically improbable in the extreme.

  • 2

    Improbably, unthinkably, they are falling in love.

  • 3

    Indeed, the director is not encumbered with improbabilities.

  • 4

    That just seems improbably high.

  • 5

    The content of this section seems improbable.

  • 6

    The derivation sounds improbable in the extreme.

  • 7

    The only problem is the improbable title.

  • 8

    It's an unwarranted leap from the improbable to the definite.

  • 9

    I agree that the figures are improbably precise.

  • 10

    Bad press is both improbable and not the end of the world.