To implore someone is to ask them to do something that you think is important. You might implore your friends to come to your party, or you might implore your boss to give you a promotion.

  • He implored the crowd to stop chanting.

  • She implored the judge to give her a fair trial.

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Example Sentences for implored

  • 1

    She implores him not to pursue the conflict.

  • 2

    I implore the bureaucrats to come to a decision.

  • 3

    I implore you to keep the article.

  • 4

    He implores her to end the affair.

  • 5

    I implore us not to forget the good faith.

  • 6

    I implore you to give me the benefits.

  • 7

    I implore everyone to keep the discussion on point and civil.

  • 8

    I implore us not to forget the good faith karma.

  • 9

    I implore every body in this world to join us in the prayer.

  • 10

    I implore you to keep the other subject lines in the acrticle.