To implode is to collapse or to fall apart suddenly. When the building imploded, it collapsed completely and all the people inside were killed.

  • The building imploded because of the leak in the roof.

  • The team imploded after they lost the game.

Definition of imploded


To collapse or burst inward violently.


To compress (data) with a particular algorithm.


That has collapsed inwards

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Example Sentences for imploded

  • 1

    The building was imploded.

  • 2

    The refinery was imploded in 2006.

  • 3

    Pakistani society is not about to implode.

  • 4

    In 2013, the question won't be if the euro will or will not implode.

  • 5

    Sales were poor and the band began to implode.

  • 6

    The original plan was to implode the building in three steps.

  • 7

    It spilled, causing the ship to implode and thus save the earth.

  • 8

    The European Union could implode, resetting the political debate.

  • 9

    Eleemosynary imploded and earned an indefinite block shortly afterward.

  • 10

    Following the tour however the bands lineup began to implode.