When something is impersonal, it doesn't involve or concern the person who is speaking or the person who is listening. An impersonal sentence might say something like "The weather is cool today," without any personal pronouns.

  • The impersonal sentence doesn't mention who is doing the speaking or the listening.

  • The impersonal sentence doesn't mention the person who is being talked to or the person who is being listened to.

Definition of impersonal


having no personal preference




not relating to or responsive to individual persons

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Example Sentences for impersonal

  • 1

    The impersonal passive deletes the subject of an intransitive verb.

  • 2

    He was the impersonal and representative man.

  • 3

    The downside is cost and impersonal treatment.

  • 4

    The impersonal absolute is considered to be the supreme.

  • 5

    Many of these sounds are impersonated by members of the band.

  • 6

    In general, the architecture was to be either pompous and impersonal.

  • 7

    The real problem is that the internet is so impersonal.

  • 8

    The tone is somewhat moralistic, and not impersonal at all.

  • 9

    An impersonator mocked him for his problems of elocution.

  • 10

    The suspects impersonate utility or tree service workers.