An impassable barrier is a barrier that is too difficult or impossible to cross. A wall that is impassable is too high or too thick to get through.

  • The bridge was destroyed by a storm, and so the barrier to the city was now impassable.

  • The war has caused so much destruction that the barrier to the city is now impassable.

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Example Sentences for impassable

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    It was impassioned of data processing and electronics.

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    Most of the upper floors are impassable.

  • 3

    That simply wasn't the source of the impasse.

  • 4

    For normal cars the track is impassable.

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    The outcry was impassioned and predictably hostile.

  • 6

    Much of the marsh and bayous remained impassable.

  • 7

    Selangor will regress if water impasse continues.

  • 8

    I apologize to all for the impasse and inconvenience.

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    He is an aloof, impassive, and a ruthless man.

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    He is an aloof, impassive, and ruthless man.