When something has a big impact, it has a big effect on the way things are. A big impact can be positive or negative.

  • The new law has a big impact on the way the city is run.

  • The new movie has a big impact on the way the world views superheroes.

Definition of impacting


To collide or strike, the act of impinging.


To compress; to compact; to press into something or pack together.


To influence; to affect; to have an impact on.


To stamp or impress onto something.

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Example Sentences for impacting

  • 1

    The effect of the impact increased to a multitude.

  • 2

    The effects impact both the body and the mind.

  • 3

    Litz wire reduces the impact of the skin effect and the proximity effect.

  • 4

    The social impact of the product is the most rewarding result.

  • 5

    The impact is the reviews and the citations.

  • 6

    The impact of the border was harsh.

  • 7

    The impact was sensational and immediate.

  • 8

    There is prevalence and impact of depression.

  • 9

    Impact of the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

  • 10

    The Impact won the inaugural tournament.