When something is imbued with a certain quality, it has that quality embedded in it. The word often refers to things that have been blessed or enchanted.

  • The book was imbued with the power to heal.

  • The ring was imbued with the power to protect.

Definition of imbued


To wet or stain an object completely with some physical quality.


In general, to act in a way which results in an object becoming completely permeated or impregnated by some quality.

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Example Sentences for imbued

  • 1

    The country is imbued with friendship and warmth.

  • 2

    Their actions imbue the story with life.

  • 3

    Zionism is imbued with the ghetto and pronouncements.

  • 4

    Argentina will have imbued them with confidence.

  • 5

    That spirit has imbued his quintet.

  • 6

    His works are imbued with the light and spirit.

  • 7

    These teachers are imbued with the spirit of dedication and devotion.

  • 8

    Books and pieces of art can be imbued with politics.

  • 9

    Ray was imbued with the spirit of communism in early life.

  • 10

    The clothes seemed to imbue me with the spirit of the character.