Illegally means that something is not authorized by law. This can refer to anything from drugs to sex.

  • The drug is illegally imported, which is why it's so dangerous.

  • The sex was illegally conducted, which is why it's a crime.

Definition of illicitly


in a manner disapproved or not allowed by custom




in an illegal manner


illegally, lawlessly

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Example Sentences for illicitly

  • 1

    Beside, the illicit drugs in Bangladesh are cheap and contaminated.

  • 2

    Dealing and use of illicit drugs occurs on the streets.

  • 3

    Domestic and foreign products are found in the illicit market.

  • 4

    It also reported that it was being used as an adulterant in illicit drugs.

  • 5

    That is not the same as that so many use illicit drugs in the prison.

  • 6

    Error is error if you attend a licit or illicit Mass.

  • 7

    She frequently does not indulge in the illicit activities of her friends.

  • 8

    During the early days of the war, there was illicit commerce across the river.

  • 9

    Illicit arms trading characterized much of the last years of the Angolan war.

  • 10

    In the 1970s, black gangs took up illicit drug trade in the vicinity.