Ignorantly is a word that is usually used when you are angry or upset. When you use the word ignorantly, you are saying that you don't understand what someone is saying.

  • He acted ignorantly when he threw the rock at the cat.

  • She acted ignorantly when she took the candy from the little girl.

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Example Sentences for ignorantly

  • 1

    The bliss of ignorance is the bliss of stupidity.

  • 2

    One of the causes is callous indifferance, ignorance and plain stupidity.

  • 3

    That is the refuge of the ignorant.

  • 4

    But it ignores the subtlety of the building.

  • 5

    It is demonstrative ignorance of the contributor.

  • 6

    I apologize for the ignorance.

  • 7

    The kidnappers ignored the plea.

  • 8

    The officials ignored the rules.

  • 9

    They denuded the veil of ignorance.

  • 10

    Where is the ignorance or foolery in this