To ignite something is to set it on fire. When you light a match, you are igniting the match.

  • The fire was ignited by the match that was thrown into the building.

  • The fuel was ignited when the truck crashed into the station.

Definition of igniting


To set fire to (something), to light (something)


To spark off (something), to trigger


To commence burning.


To subject to the action of intense heat; to heat strongly; often said of incombustible or infusible substances.

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Example Sentences for igniting

  • 1

    The burning tipple ignited the wheat dock.

  • 2

    The gas is then ignited with the flint taped to the hammer.

  • 3

    The fire was reportedly the result of an accidental ignition.

  • 4

    An unidentified source ignited the gas and caused the explosion.

  • 5

    The flame ignites the gas can and the whole garage explodes.

  • 6

    The flaming tires ignite the gas, turning the pickup into a fireball.

  • 7

    A small fire consisting of tinder is then used to ignite kindling.

  • 8

    A lighting stick is used to ignite the fumes and fire the cannon.

  • 9

    All of Grievous' organs ignite, and he starts to burn from the inside.

  • 10

    The boosters were the ignition source used to fire the big guns.