When something is idiosyncratic, it is unusual or different from the norm. Some people have idiosyncratic behaviors, and some things have idiosyncratic properties.

  • His idiosyncrasies made it difficult for him to be a good employee.

  • The property of the material is idiosyncratic, which is why it's so hard to make it.

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Example Sentences for idiosyncrasies

  • 1

    This idiosyncrasy has become a familiar characteristic of the machine.

  • 2

    Gary is known for his strange idiosyncrasy.

  • 3

    We all have idiosyncrasy such as habits.

  • 4

    Perhaps there is an idiosyncrasy of culture which affects cognition.

  • 5

    Collect seems to be pushing bizarre idiosyncrasies into the introduction.

  • 6

    This is a strange idiosyncrasy of those who enjoy sleeping.

  • 7

    I don't want to add it if this is just an idiosyncrasy of mine.

  • 8

    Zito is known for his idiosyncrasies and his offbeat personality.

  • 9

    He seems to walk the line between idiosyncrasy, and audience acceptance.

  • 10

    My use of this template lies just in its non standard idiosyncrasy.