To hollow out is to make something hollow, to make it have a hole or a space inside. When you hollow out a tree, you make a hole in it so that you can get at the wood inside.

  • The tree was hollowed out by the wind.

  • The tree was hollowed out by the woodpecker.

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Example Sentences for hollowed

  • 1

    The hole was hollow.

  • 2

    The balls are hollow and have two small antipodal holes.

  • 3

    A sprayer has a hollow housing with an inlet port and an outlet opening.

  • 4

    He hides the body in the hollow of a tree and cements up the opening.

  • 5

    The atomizer includes a hollow piston having a hollow piston rod.

  • 6

    Overburden is deposited in nearby valleys and hollows.

  • 7

    Hollow and interspaces are the results of the form of the installations.

  • 8

    The body of the instrument is made of a hollow gourd.

  • 9

    A sprayer is connected to the hollow carrying handle and to the reservoir.

  • 10

    It builds nests in tree hollows or litter of epiphyte.