There are several types of hindrances, or obstacles, that can prevent you from achieving your goals. Some of the most common hindrances are mental barriers, physical barriers, and social barriers.

  • The mental barriers that the student had to overcome were the obstacles of selfdoubt and fear.

  • The physical barriers that the athlete had to overcome were the obstacles of the weather and the terrain.

  • The social barriers that the entrepreneur had to overcome were the obstacles of competition and prejudice.

Definition of hindrances


the act of hindering or obstructing or impeding


hinderance, interference


something immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress


balk, baulk, check, deterrent, handicap, hinderance, impediment


any obstruction that impedes or is burdensome


encumbrance, hinderance, hitch, incumbrance, interference, preventative, preventive

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Example Sentences for hindrances

  • 1

    They are hindrances to the pursuit of truth.

  • 2

    Causing annoyance or hindrance is called unutterable.

  • 3

    However, the presence of her is initially a hindrance.

  • 4

    Lack of literacy was a big hindrance in convincing the farmers.

  • 5

    Problems must be evaluated without the hindrance of preconceptions.

  • 6

    Factionalism was, in fact, said to be the strongest hindrance to progress.

  • 7

    The category is more of a hindrance rather than insightful.

  • 8

    The extreme wind was quite a hindrance the entire climb.

  • 9

    Already in the 1880s and 1890s the cycling in the park caused hindrance.

  • 10

    Let's change the title and get past this hindrance to progress.