Hinders is a verb meaning to block or to obstruct. When you hinder someone, you are preventing them from doing something that they want to do.

  • The hinders the progress of the project.

  • The hinders the flow of the water.

Definition of hinders


be a hindrance or obstacle to




put at a disadvantage


hamper, handicap


hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of


block, blockade, embarrass, obstruct, stymie, stymy


located at or near the back of an animal


back, hind

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Example Sentences for hinders

  • 1

    This is hindering the growth of the nation.

  • 2

    This will hinder the progress of the society.

  • 3

    I hope this was a help and not a hinderance.

  • 4

    The particles are incombustible and hinder draught.

  • 5

    They are a major hinderance to reading the text.

  • 6

    They are near the hinder border of the scales.

  • 7

    It is a voice for the silent, the hindered, the damaged, and the unheard.

  • 8

    Hope it doesn't hinder the state of the article.

  • 9

    How does the technology hinder the technician

  • 10

    The frontiers of the empire did not hinder trade.