A hexameter is a type of poetic meter that is six lines long. It is usually used in poems that are about war or violence.

  • The hexameter recites the story of the war in a simple and straightforward way.

  • The hexameter is used to emphasize the brutality of the war.

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Example Sentences for hexameter

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    It is found in the dactylic hexameter and the dactylic pentameter.

  • 2

    His preference was for the hexameter form.

  • 3

    It is written in Latin hexameter, in a strong style.

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    An example of this form of poetry is the dactylic hexameter.

  • 5

    He made this stylised hexameter for dramatic effect.

  • 6

    It consisted of four idylls, totaling 2,997 hexameters.

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    Hexameter describes verse with six feet per line.

  • 8

    Dactylic hexameter is composed of six feet per line.

  • 9

    Dactylic hexameter was used for many of Latin's greatest poems.

  • 10

    Also, dactylic hexameter often has a bucolic dieraesis.