A hedgerow is a small row of trees or bushes that border a field or other area. They are used to protect the field from wind and rain.

  • The field is surrounded by a hedgerow to protect it from wind and rain.

  • The hedgerow is a part of the landscape, and it's important for the environment.

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Example Sentences for hedgerow

  • 1

    Note the hedgerow in the background.

  • 2

    It is planted in hedgerows as an ornamental windscreen.

  • 3

    It was a ferocious experience in hedgerow fighting.

  • 4

    The ferrets were found cold and shivering in a hedgerow.

  • 5

    They live inside the hedgerows or near deciduous trees.

  • 6

    Plans include work on hedgerows to attract butterflies and birds.

  • 7

    Hedgerow Hell was the final Deluxe ASL module to be released.

  • 8

    Hedgerow policy and protection are changing paradigms and the conservation ethic.

  • 9

    The moth is colonial in habit, and prefers marshy ground or hedgerows.

  • 10

    To this day, the island is notably short of hedgerow birds such as sparrows.