A heartthrob is a popular actor, singer, or sports player that everyone seems to be talking about. They are usually admired for their looks more than their talent.

  • He's considered a heartthrob because of his good looks and sexy smile.

  • She's a heartthrob because she's beautiful and popular, even though she doesn't have any acting ability.

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Example Sentences for heartthrob

  • 1

    Joe is known as the teen heartthrob of the group.

  • 2

    Back in the 70s, they were all svelte teen heartthrobs, keen to preserve their pin up appeal.

  • 3

    Deasy stated that it was surreal being thought of as a heartthrob.

  • 4

    She became the heartthrob of the Malayalam film industry.

  • 5

    He was comparable to Don Johnson, a popular heartthrob at the time.

  • 6

    It also launched the acting career of heartthrob Daniel u.

  • 7

    You know, you're a tv heartthrob with a girlfriend. Come on.

  • 8

    He is a good looking, charming heartthrob who in the beginning is with Rosmery.

  • 9

    I thought maybe he was trying to pull a James in Heartthrob.

  • 10

    Her boyfriend was Mark, a popular senior, who was the heartthrob of the campus.