When someone is heartbroken, they are very sad and upset. They might feel like they can't breathe, or they might cry all the time.

  • When she heard the news, she was heartbroken and cried for hours.

  • After he lost the game, he was heartbroken and couldn't eat or sleep.

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Example Sentences for heartbroken

  • 1

    The heartbroken astronaut shrugs and walks off.

  • 2

    Dorma believed that Destine had killed Namor and was heartbroken.

  • 3

    Chandan is heartbroken on hearing this.

  • 4

    They lose their opportunity and are heartbroken.

  • 5

    Georgia is left heartbroken and thoughtful.

  • 6

    Esteban arrives heartbroken at the funeral.

  • 7

    I'm not too heartbroken about it.

  • 8

    I'm too scared and heartbroken to.

  • 9

    Matt and Kelly are heartbroken by the news.

  • 10

    A heartbroken Kiyone then fell into shock.