To healthily is to have a healthy body and mind. When you are healthily, you are not sick or injured, and you have good physical and mental health.

  • He exercises healthily to stay healthy.

  • She eats healthily to stay healthy.

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Example Sentences for healthily

  • 1

    A nan is a healthy food.

  • 2

    The healthy food made him ruddy.

  • 3

    The purpose of the company was to sell healthy foods.

  • 4

    People can be healthy, if they try to eat mostly food that is healthful.

  • 5

    Directly cooked food by microwaves leaves many questions to its healthiness.

  • 6

    Healthiness of larvae leads to a healthy cocoon crop.

  • 7

    The preservatives are not healthy.

  • 8

    That will make guaranteed healthiness.

  • 9

    Eating vegetable is healthy.

  • 10

    The air was healthy and exhilarating.