When you say that something is healthful, you mean that it is good for your health. Some things that are considered to be healthful include fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, and lean meat.

  • The salad was healthful, because it had lots of fruits and vegetables.

  • The bread was not healthful, because it was dense and had a lot of calories.

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Example Sentences for healthfulness

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    Anything beneficial to one's health is healthful.

  • 2

    The Northwestern Health Unit is focusing on preconception health this month.

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    The health center provides ambulatory and preventive health services.

  • 4

    It is protecting the health of the sleeper.

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    Smoking is bad for health.

  • 6

    So is this healthful or harmful

  • 7

    My avocation is health and fitness.

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    Information in mental health is not commonsensical.

  • 9

    That adversely affected the health of the emigrants.

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    Hygiene is the maintenance of healthful practices.