To be healed is to be healed from a disease or injury. When someone is healed, they no longer have symptoms of the disease or injury.

  • He was healed from his injury by the doctors.

  • The wound was healed after a few days of treatment.

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Example Sentences for healed

  • 1

    The demulcent was not enough to heal the pain.

  • 2

    The doctor can both heal wounds and cure diseases.

  • 3

    It does not cure the condition and only aids healing during the peeling stage.

  • 4

    The different types of restorative items heal varying amounts of health.

  • 5

    Music has a healing force.

  • 6

    The Eucharist heals the rational soul.

  • 7

    Foremost is the need to heal the environment.

  • 8

    The man wants to heal the weal.

  • 9

    She has mastery of the body healing.

  • 10

    He ministers to the children and heals the sick.