To hate something is to have a strong dislike for it. You might hate the way that the weather is today, or you might hate a particular person.

  • He hates the way that the weather is always changing.

  • She hates the fact that she has to go to school.

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Example Sentences for hating

  • 1

    I hate the film, the club hates the filem, all the fans hate the film.

  • 2

    It is to hate to abominate.

  • 3

    He hated the bankers and the financiers but also hated the dumb workers.

  • 4

    He hates cynicism like the Russians at Stalingrad hated the snow.

  • 5

    I hate you.

  • 6

    The dog hates the mailman.

  • 7

    The trolls are especially hateful there.

  • 8

    Love the heretic, hate the heresy.

  • 9

    Love the sinner, hate the sin.

  • 10

    I really hate you.