A harpsichord is a musical instrument that is usually played by a person. It is a type of keyboard instrument, and it has a lot of strings that are played with a keyboard.

  • The harpsichord is too expensive, so I'm going to have to get a pianoforte instead.

  • The harpsichord is a very old instrument, and it's not very popular anymore.

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Example Sentences for harpsichord

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    In the orchestra, the harpsichord and the first violin are prevalent.

  • 2

    Besides the piano, Fung also plays the harpsichord and violin.

  • 3

    His expertise is the organ and harpsichord.

  • 4

    His interests expanded to the harpsichord.

  • 5

    She played and composed for the harpsichord and the piano.

  • 6

    His instruments were the piano and the harpsichord.

  • 7

    He taught the piano and the harpsichord and continued researching.

  • 8

    The alto saxophone and harpsichord are also featured in the instrumentarium.

  • 9

    At the peak of its development, the harpsichord lost favor to the piano.

  • 10

    On later occasions, he also played the harpsichord in the orchestra.