A harpoon is a type of spear that is used to catch fish. It is usually made out of wood, but it can also be made out of metal.

  • He was able to harpoon the fish and bring it in.

  • The ship's harpoons were able to catch many fish.

Definition of harpoons


a spear with a shaft and barbed point for throwing; used for catching large fish or whales; a strong line is attached to it


spear with a harpoon

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Example Sentences for harpoons

  • 1

    The boat contains a big harpoon.

  • 2

    Andrew harpoons the whale, but the harpoon line breaks.

  • 3

    The harpoon ship is in front of them.

  • 4

    The harpoon attracts lightning which zaps the coyote.

  • 5

    Aimed and fired, the harpoon barb would hook into the whale.

  • 6

    Eriksen was the inventor of the grenade harpoon used in modern whaling.

  • 7

    A harpoon is hurled from the building and hits the target in the chest.

  • 8

    Finally the harpoon hits the manta and the manta starts to swim away.

  • 9

    Now the bad time is coming and I do not even have the harpoon.

  • 10

    Snyder is given a pressurized harpoon while the rest of the crew use shotguns.