The hardpan is a type of soil that is very difficult to dig up. It is usually found in areas that have been dry for a long time.

  • The hardpan is a problem because it's difficult to get the water out.

  • The hardpan is a problem because it's difficult to plant crops in it.

Definition of hardpan


crust or layer of hard subsoil encrusted with calcium-carbonate occurring in arid or semiarid regions



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Example Sentences for hardpan

  • 1

    There is no valley anywhere that is all hardpan, by definition.

  • 2

    Over ploughing can lead to the formation of hardpan.

  • 3

    Underlying this relatively inhospitable soil is a clay hardpan.

  • 4

    Soils are high in nutrients, overlying a shallow calcareous hardpan.

  • 5

    A red clay loam layer above the hardpan was recognized.

  • 6

    The hardpan was expected to be encountered within a depth of 6 feet.

  • 7

    Redder in the surface and denser hardpan than associated Madera soil.

  • 8

    One such common soil condition related to hardpan is soil pH.

  • 9

    A thick layer of humus with a phosphate hardpan lies under the Pisonia forests.

  • 10

    An area can have layers of sandy soil, fractured bedrock, clay, or hardpan.