When something is halting, it is slowly or slowly stopping. The traffic was halting at the intersection.

  • The car was halting because of the oil leak.

  • The project is halting because the funding has been stopped.

Definition of halting


disabled in the feet or legs


crippled, game, gimpy, halt, lame


fragmentary or halting from emotional strain

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Example Sentences for halting

  • 1

    At the downstream end of the conveyor there is a stop for halting the products.

  • 2

    This halted the bulk of the attack.

  • 3

    Schoberth was unwell and the expedition halted.

  • 4

    He was unable to halt the contraband.

  • 5

    The film is halting and it annoyed audiences.

  • 6

    The halt was the first extension on the railway.

  • 7

    The police was unable to halt the contraband.

  • 8

    The same holds for the halting problem.

  • 9

    By that standard, the solution to the halting problem is computable.

  • 10

    Can they halt the plans of the ethereal Gelth