A hallway is a long, narrow room that is usually divided into several rooms. It's often used to connect different parts of a building, or to connect the inside of a building with the outside.

  • The hallway is connected to the bathroom.

  • The hallway is very long, and it's very narrow.

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Example Sentences for hallway

  • 1

    Go through the door at the end of the hallway.

  • 2

    He reached the end of the hallway and cracked open a door.

  • 3

    He walked quietly to the door and peered down the hallway.

  • 4

    The door at the other end of the hallway does slam shut, alarming the cops.

  • 5

    It leaves the morgue for the hallway.

  • 6

    A trophy case is in the hallway at the front of the commons.

  • 7

    Kids tormented her in the hallways and on the playground.

  • 8

    It is either accessed in the foyer or in the downstairs hallway.

  • 9

    His body was found in the hallway of a Manhattan tenement.

  • 10

    The monster escapes out into the hallway in pursuit of the kids.