The word 'habitable' is used to describe something that is able to be lived in. A planet is habitable if it has enough water, air, and sunlight.

  • The planet is not habitable because it has no water.

  • The planet is not habitable because it doesn't have enough air.

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Example Sentences for habitable

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    It is therefore not in the habitable zone.

  • 2

    Habitation of the dangerous zone is prohibited.

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    The orbit lies in the star's habitable zone.

  • 4

    The outermost planet resides in the system's habitable zone.

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    I think the image of the habitable zone is as of today outdated.

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    The habitable zone varies with the type and age of the central star.

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    The planet orbits in the outer edge of the star's habitable zone.

  • 8

    I have fixed one obvious error in the period of a planet in the habitable zone.

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    They are somewhat crepuscular in habit.

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    Odisha food habit is pretty balanced between the non veg and veg habits.