When something is guttural, it is difficult to understand or pronounce because it is pronounced with a harsh, raspy sound. Some examples of things that are guttural are "h" and "v."

  • The word is guttural, and it's pronounced "goottuhlur."

  • The language is guttural, and it's pronounced "gootuhlur."

Definition of guttural


like the sounds of frogs and crows




a consonant articulated in the back of the mouth or throat


guttural consonant, pharyngeal, pharyngeal consonant


relating to or articulated in the throat

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Example Sentences for guttural

  • 1

    He prefers the guttural voice.

  • 2

    The bird's calls are hoarse and guttural.

  • 3

    Dutch tends to be faster and more guttural.

  • 4

    The call is a series of guttural or purring notes.

  • 5

    The vocals are guttural and atonal in the middle pitch.

  • 6

    The voice of a Sebeki is a guttural, yawning grumble.

  • 7

    Guttural consonants, consonant sounds that are formed in the larynx.

  • 8

    The typical Barrayaran accent is described as guttural in comparison.

  • 9

    The sound is almost guttural and the aspirant is inhaled, not exhaled air.

  • 10

    The lowest sounds are guttural noises, akin to pedal tones in brass.