The word gullible means that someone is easily tricked or fooled. Someone who is gullible is usually not very smart, and they are often not careful about what they believe.

  • The gullible person was convinced by the magic trick.

  • The gullible person was not careful about what they were talking about, and they ended up getting hurt.

Definition of gullible


naive and easily deceived or tricked


fleeceable, green


easily tricked because of being too trusting

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Example Sentences for gullible

  • 1

    The only credibility in that is to the gullible.

  • 2

    He is a gigantic oaf, very strong but stupid and gullible.

  • 3

    He has a friendly and genial disposition and is very naive and gullible.

  • 4

    To be suggestible is not to be gullible.

  • 5

    The problem is that the general public is not gullible.

  • 6

    The unfaithful are just as gullible as the faithful.

  • 7

    You should not be gullible and suggestible.

  • 8

    Never underestimate the gullibility of the voting public.

  • 9

    It was, I think, rooted in naivete, gullibility, and poor scholarship.

  • 10

    Again, just a strategy built on lies to trap the unwary and the gullible.