A guesstimate is a guess or estimate, and it's usually not very accurate. When you guesstimate how much something costs, you're probably going to end up being wrong.

  • I guesstimated that the repair would cost $200, and it actually ended up costing $300.

  • She guesstimated that it would take her two hours to make the cake, but it actually took her three hours.

Definition of guesstimate


an estimate that combines reasoning with guessing




estimate based on a calculation

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Example Sentences for guesstimate

  • 1

    They probably have a guesstimate.

  • 2

    At the least, this gives us a guesstimate.

  • 3

    I think that is a fair guesstimate.

  • 4

    That's too much of a guesstimate to be that useful.

  • 5

    The range is just a guesstimate by the developers.

  • 6

    They are not the first to guesstimate the release date.

  • 7

    I would guesstimate that not many do.

  • 8

    Those are guesstimate release date placeholders.

  • 9

    The official guesstimate of 200,000 is bang in the middle.