Granola is a type of cereal that is made from oats and other grains. It is usually eaten as a snack, but it can also be used as a breakfast cereal.

  • She ate a granola bar for breakfast.

  • He ate a granola bar for breakfast and lunch.

Definition of granola


cereal made of especially rolled oats with dried fruits and nuts and honey or brown sugar

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Example Sentences for granola

  • 1

    A variety of the granola bar is the chewy granola bar.

  • 2

    No, but my name was on the granola that was on top of it.

  • 3

    Granola totally just appeared in a puff of smoke.

  • 4

    The Sunbelt brand pioneered the chewy granola bar.

  • 5

    Janice steals one of the granola bars in the night.

  • 6

    The tribe agreed to throw the granola bar in the fire.

  • 7

    I'm not some hippy granola free content nut.

  • 8

    Others enjoy kefir in lieu of milk on cereal or granola.

  • 9

    Sunbelt products include a variety of granola bars and cereals.

  • 10

    Kefir may be used in lieu of milk on cereal or granola.