Grandmothers are women who are mothers or grandmothers to someone else's children. They are usually very close to their grandchildren, and they often take care of them when their parents are away or busy.

  • My grandmother is a great grandmother, which means she is a grandmother but her grandchildren are not her own.

  • My grandmother is my mother's mother, which means she is my grandmother's mother but her grandchildren are not her own.

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Example Sentences for grandmothers

  • 1

    His face is like the putrid stench of my grandmother's smelly old feet.

  • 2

    He was nurtured by his grandmother.

  • 3

    The considerateness of the grandmother was warm enough.

  • 4

    The grandmother broached a brooch in her pocket.

  • 5

    The grandmother is suspected of fatally suffocating the infant.

  • 6

    The grandmother is the ultimate matriarch and a power figure.

  • 7

    The grandmother tries to keep the family together.

  • 8

    They meet the oldest elf in the village, the grandmother.

  • 9

    My grandmother moaned as she saw the picture.

  • 10

    Inhuming my grandmother's body costed a lot.