A granary is a building where food is stored. It can be a large building, or it can be a small building that is used to store food for only a few days.

  • The granary is used to store food for the winter.

  • The granary is located in the back of the farm.

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Example Sentences for granaries

  • 1

    South of the barn, across the driveway, is the granary.

  • 2

    It is part of the rice granary of the Philippines.

  • 3

    The granary was converted to residential accommodation.

  • 4

    Their houses are built on piles, as are also their granaries.

  • 5

    There the leading citizens barricaded themselves in the granary.

  • 6

    At that time the village church served as a granary of the monastery.

  • 7

    It serves as the granary and the meeting house for the settlement's community.

  • 8

    Nilamel is the granary or rice bowl of the Kottarakkara thaluk.

  • 9

    In 1837, the missionaries added a large granary and hospital to the compound.

  • 10

    His officers maintained the treasury, the mint, and government granaries.