Graciousness is the quality of being kind and polite. It's usually used in combination with other qualities, such as politeness or kindness.

  • Her graciousness made me feel at ease.

  • She showed her graciousness by apologizing for her mistake.

Definition of graciousness


the quality of being kind and gentle


benignancy, benignity


excellence of manners or social conduct

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Example Sentences for graciousness

  • 1

    Lewis graciously let the matter be.

  • 2

    He graciously returned the image.

  • 3

    But do so graciously and without asperity.

  • 4

    Cage was delighted and graciously accepted the gift.

  • 5

    I withdrew graciously from the discussion.

  • 6

    The response was favorable and the dedication was graciously accepted.

  • 7

    However, the criticism is well put and graciously taken.

  • 8

    Liberace graciously took the time to talk with the young artist.

  • 9

    She graciously bowed down at the end of her term.

  • 10

    He has graciously numbered his reverts in the article history.