The governor is the head of a state or province. They are usually a politician who has been elected to this position.

  • The governor is trying to govern the state in a responsible way.

  • The governor is trying to improve the economy of the state.

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Example Sentences for governorship

  • 1

    In 2006 the party unexpectedly gained the governorship of Shiga.

  • 2

    However, his governorship coincided with the economic downturn of the islands.

  • 3

    Deputy governorship and gubernatorial run.

  • 4

    Early life and first governorship.

  • 5

    Governorship and fall from power.

  • 6

    He was elected in 1998 to the governorship.

  • 7

    He will run for the provincial governorship.

  • 8

    Senate in 1928 and for the governorship in 1932.

  • 9

    Pedrarias's governorship proved to be disastrous.

  • 10

    Post governorship and later life.