A googol is a thousand billion. It's a very large number, and it's often used to describe something that is very impressive or significant.

  • The googolplex is a thousand billion calculations per second.

  • The googolplex is the number of atoms in the universe.

Definition of googol


a cardinal number represented as 1 followed by 100 zeros (ten raised to the power of a hundred)

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Example Sentences for googol

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    A googolplex is actually a googol times a googol.

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    Googol and comparable large numbers.

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    Heck it's not even close to a Googol.

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    A googol is a very large number.

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    Thanks for removing stuff like that on Googol.

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    It is an amusing way to visualize the magnitude of a googol.

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    Even a computer cannot write a googol zeros.

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    Avogadro's number is less than the fourth root of a googol.