A gluon is a particle that is responsible for the strong force. The strong force is a force that is responsible for holding together atoms and molecules.

  • The strong force is made up of gluons.

  • The gluon is a very small particle, and it's difficult to see it.

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    The antiparticle of a gluon is another gluon see Eight gluon colors below .

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    The rest mass of a gluon is a shaky concept, because a gluon is confined.

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    These are the color labels on the gluon.

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    They are of importance for gluon confinement.

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    Strangeness in quark gluon plasma.

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    Quark and gluon fields and color charges.

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    It has always been the egon or the gluon.

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    The gluon has negative intrinsic parity.

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    A gluino is the hypothetical supersymmetric partner of a gluon g.

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    What about the case of the massless gluons in nuclei