Gloriously means very happily or proudly. She gloriously danced the night away.

  • The wedding was gloriously beautiful.

  • The victory was gloriously sweet.

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Example Sentences for gloriously

  • 1

    It becomes incorruptible, glorious and perfect.

  • 2

    He made a glorious comeback.

  • 3

    The year 1913 was the most glorious.

  • 4

    I say your appreciation is my glorious gratuity.

  • 5

    His death must be glorious in the field of battle or on the scaffold.

  • 6

    His death must be glorious whether in the battlefield or on the scaffold.

  • 7

    Full priests are called the Glorious or, collectively, the Valorous Host.

  • 8

    The Shamlaji shrine and the site boast of an ancient and glorious heritage.

  • 9

    The end of the 1920s started the demise of the once glorious park.

  • 10

    This glorious record of the past is the party's best pledge for the future.