A glitch is a problem with the system, usually one that causes a lot of inconvenience for people.

  • The website was experiencing a lot of glitches, which was causing a lot of problems for the users.

  • The computer crashed due to a glitch in the software.

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Example Sentences for glitch

  • 1

    It was the problem that caused the glitch.

  • 2

    The table is the code table for the glitch.

  • 3

    There seems to be a glitch at the bottom of the page.

  • 4

    If I stumble on the glitch, I'll holler.

  • 5

    Only glitch is the lack of consistency in the Notes.

  • 6

    The glitch is that he won the medal for Kenya.

  • 7

    The only reason it was referenced is because of the popularity of the glitch.

  • 8

    This is an unforeseen glitch that could seriously hamper the project.

  • 9

    All the steps necessary to replicate the glitches are outlined in the thread.

  • 10

    Can somebody fix the formatting glitch in the History section