To glean is to collect something by picking it up or picking it up with your hands. When you glean information from someone, you get information from them indirectly.

  • The police are trying to glean information from the suspect.

  • The farmer was trying to glean the sunflower seeds from the ground.

Definition of gleaned


To collect (grain, grapes, etc.) left behind after the main harvest or gathering.


To gather what is left in (a field or vineyard).


To gather information in small amounts, with implied difficulty, bit by bit.


To frugally accumulate resources from low-yield contexts.

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Example Sentences for gleaned

  • 1

    Moray can glean significant economic benefit.

  • 2

    Overall impressions of the game gleaned comments of praise.

  • 3

    The OP will be able to glean the signal from the noise.

  • 4

    An insectivore, it feeds by gleaning small insects off leaves.

  • 5

    Check out the link below and glean from the article.

  • 6

    These traits also allow the bird to glean the sides of buildings.

  • 7

    The eyes of some of the figures emit gleans of white shining light.

  • 8

    The people of Tlaloc survive off what they glean from the sea.

  • 9

    You seemed to glean the most relevant stuff from the article.

  • 10

    It has sinewy, reptilian legs with cactus like spines and gleaning white teeth.