A gladiator is a person who competes in the arena in order to win money or fame. They usually fight in pairs, and the winner is the person who can survive the longest.

  • The gladiatorial games were a popular form of entertainment in ancient Rome.

  • The gladiatorial games are no longer popular, but they are still occasionally performed.

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    The women forced Landmine and Cloudburst to fight in gladiatorial combat.

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    It is a mere gladiatorial combat.

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    A gladiatorial contest of wits 6.

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    The other form of boxing was gladiatorial.

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    Details of most of the gladiatorial combats are not recorded.

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    A popular form of entertainment was gladiatorial combats.

  • 7

    There was also a platform that was used for gladiatorial sacrifice.

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    The origin of gladiatorial combat is open to debate.

  • 9

    Gravestone is designed to be the ultimate gladiatorial combat warrior.

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    For the inauguration he also paid for the gladiatorial games.