To gingerly is to move or behave with care and caution. When you move gingerly, you are always aware of your surroundings and you are careful not to make any noise.

  • She gingerly walked across the room.

  • He gingerly picked up the glass of water.

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Example Sentences for gingerly

  • 1

    It is absolutely fascinating, but I want to handle it gingerly.

  • 2

    Nazi sympathizers and suspicious characters were treated gingerly.

  • 3

    Plucked leaves are handled gingerly to prevent bruising and unwanted oxidation.

  • 4

    I approached it gingerly in the forest.

  • 5

    Okay, I'm gingerly giving it a shot.

  • 6

    I will have to somewhat gingerly begin excising content.

  • 7

    I wish I could state it more gingerly.

  • 8

    I'm still trying to tread a bit gingerly there, though.

  • 9

    I'm trying to approach this carefully, gingerly, one step at a time.

  • 10

    I forked a piece of gristle and stuck it gingerly into my mouth.