gibberish is a type of speech that is not understandable. It is often used in jokes or to make fun of someone.

  • The gibberish was so incomprehensible that the translator was not able to translate it.

  • The gibberish was so bad that the translator couldn't even understand it.

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Example Sentences for gibberish

  • 1

    It's authentic gibberish with a soupcon of moronia.

  • 2

    She intended to speak gibberish.

  • 3

    The article is some kind of gibberish.

  • 4

    The caption on the second photo is gibberish.

  • 5

    The rest is falsehood and incomprehensible gibberish.

  • 6

    The single version criticises the gibberish of politicians.

  • 7

    All the above are pungent examples of typical marketing gibberish.

  • 8

    I have removed the gibberish and hid the stuff that is useful.

  • 9

    I will attempt to unscramble the gibberish that you have put forward.

  • 10

    Half of the sentences make the ones that immediately follow them gibberish.